Our services

Annual Broking Service:  Ausure Insurance Brokers Southport will provide the services summarised in the ADP and Claims processes. In addition any minor policy alterations requiring insurer notification only will be covered by the Annual Broking Service. Policy alteration requiring Ausure Insurance Brokers Southport to undertake negotiations with the insurer, additional policies or contract review may incur additional charges. The professionals at Ausure Insurance Brokers Southport are part of your business advisor network and available to answer any insurance question or concern.

Insurance Due Diligence:  Ausure Insurance Brokers Southport will review the insurance and risk arrangements of any potential business acquisition that a client is considering and advise on any issues that may impact the client from an insurance perspective.

Claims Management:  For clients wishing to self-insure or maintain significant self-insured limits Ausure Insurance Brokers Southport offer claims management services incorporating loss assessment, adjustment and settlement services.

Contract Review Service:  We can access a basic legal review of the indemnity and insurance clauses in your contracts through our Contractual Liability Helpline. However that legal advice is limited as the lawyers that assist us do not review the entire contract via this service.  A review of the indemnity and insurance clauses will not assist you in relation to other clauses in the contract which may affect your insurance program.

To adequately protect your business and assets, it is vital that you obtain comprehensive legal advice on all of the clauses in the contract. We can organise for specialist lawyers to conduct a full legal review of your contract to identify the clauses which adversely impact on your policy coverage.  This is known as the Contract Review Service. This service will assist you to ensure that your insurance program is adequate to cover your contractual liabilities and that the contract does not breach your insurance policies or trigger policy exclusions.

Tender Services:  Clients wishing to obtain impartial insurance advice when undertaking an insurance broking service tender may wish to engage Ausure Insurance Brokers Southport to review and advice on the merit of various submissions.

Insurance Scheme Administration:  Associations and special interest groups wishing to take advantage of the benefits specific product design and group purchase can utilise Ausure Insurance Brokers Southport’s insurance scheme administration service. The service is tailored to the particular requirements of the client and can include product design, placement, member marketing, claims management and general scheme administration.

Employee Risk Awareness Seminars:  These seminars can be of a general nature to improve staffs understanding of risk and its impact on the business with a view to reducing the incidence of losses. Alternatively Ausure Insurance Brokers Southport can specifically tailor seminars to the client to ensure all staff are aware of the particular risks a business faces and the benefits and obligations of the insurance programme the client has in place to manage those risks.

We provide accessible, fair and independent dispute resolution through our membership of FOS

The Financial Ombudsman Service fairly and independently resolves disputes between consumers — including some small businesses — and member financial services providers. Membership of the Financial Ombudsman Service is open to any financial services provider carrying on business in Australia.

Their independent dispute resolution processes cover financial services disputes including banking, credit, loans, general insurance, life insurance, financial planning, investments, stock broking, managed funds and pooled superannuation trusts. They also cover estate planning, estate management and trustee services.



The Claim Process:

Notification – Our Client notifies us of an incident that has/may result in a loss to their business.

Investigation – We gain an understanding of the circumstances surrounding the incident and reviews the insurance contracts to determine the level of coverage.  We also advise you of protection offered by the contract and any other obligations under the contract.

Submission – Complex Claims - We advise the insurer of the incident and initiate the insurance company’s claims process.

Simple Claims - In the case of straight forward common claims such as a motor vehicle accident it is often more efficient for the client to deal directly with the insurer to quickly settle the claim. In this case we only get involved if there is a difficluty with the settlement.

Claim Disputes – We advise the client on any matters that may be disputed by the insurers or their advisors.

Claim Administration – We monitor the claim progress and facilitates speedy settlement of claims with insurer.

Recording – We maintain a record of claims made to better understand the clients’ loss experience and assist in future risk assessment and programme design.